Tiny Slopes

Nat Cursio Co.

Tiny Slopes

Presented by Arts House

Tiny Slopes is about learning to skateboard. And about risk, failure, humility and little wins.

The audience watches as accomplished dancers try to negotiate the new skill of skateboarding. Like a non-chronological danced-documentary without a finite end, the performers persistently progress through small calculated risks and hard-earned triumphs within a devised structure that continues, during live performance, to bring them new challenges. Infiltrating the work are four skate-savvy tweens, at once guiding spirits and apparitions of former selves, or perhaps just much-needed mentors.

A choreography of actions and problems, of fantasy and reality, Tiny Slopes explores director/choreographer Nat Cursio’s ongoing interest in vulnerability and resilience, and how we learn and change as we age. Unfulfilled aspirations hover amongst the bruises and bounce backs as we ask ourselves, “What else can we do, what else can we be?”

Direction & Choreography: Nat Cursio
Collaborating Performers: Alice Dixon, Melissa Jones, Caroline Meaden, Francesca Meale, Rae Franco, Amelie Mansfield, Pyper Prosen, Pixel Willison-Allen
Lighting: Travis Hodgson
Set & Costume: Sarah Hall
Sound: Byron Scullin
Text/Voice Consultant: Tamara Saulwick

Image: Gregory Lorenzutti