Noise Quartet Meditation

Lilian Steiner

Noise Quartet Meditation

Presented by Dancehouse with support from the City of Yarra

Investigating the power of tranquillity and its relationship to chaos, Noise Quartet Meditation examines the resonant harmony in the perpetual exchange between these two states.

Through the amplification of the most imperceptible vibrations, energy swells until it unravels as a cyclone of moving flesh and sound. As dialogue travels between the turbulent and the calm, body and sonic activity expand beyond their physical states.

Having been awarded the 2015 Green Room Award for Concept and Realisation, and a nomination for the Shirley McKechnie Award for Choreography, Lilian Steiner brings her stirring work, Noise Quartet Meditation, to Dance Massive in 2017.

Choreographer & Performer: Lilian Steiner
Performer: Briarna Longville
Sound Design & Performer: Jonnine Nokes
Sound Design & Performer: Atticus Bastow
Lighting Design: Matthew Adey

Image: Lauren Dunn