Kinaesthesia Intensive

Victoria Hunt, Melanie Lane & Phillip Adams

Kinaesthesia Intensive

A miniature intensive exploring massive choreographic scores, Kinaesthesia Is an intensive for the dance maker looking to dissect their choreographic practice and find new impetus.Taking the body through a journey of experimentation, Kinaesthesia explores the dialogue between choreographic scores and improvisation, anatomy and kinesiology.

Kinaesthesia aims to activate the mind and find unorthodox ways to devise movement. The intensive features three disciplines of thought from independent artists Victoria Hunt, Melanie Lane and BalletLab Artistic Director, Phillip Adams.

Please note: Kinaesthesia is for professional dancers or dance students in their last year of tertiary dance training. 

Presented by: Ausdance Victoria
Image by: Gregory Lorenzutti



TANGI WAI...a cry of water by Victoria Hunt

Tue 14 - Sat 18 March: 7pm

Organic, electrifying and utterly immersive, Australian/Maori artist Victoria Hunt presents a richly detailed, viscerally realised and large-scale work exploring mythology, cosmology and traditional wisdom in Tangi Wai… the cry of water.

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Split by Lucy Guerin Inc

Thu 16 - Sun 19 & Thu 23 - Sun 26 March

This is a square, a stage, a world, a life. Space is getting tight and time is getting shorter. We can all make sense of this dance.

In Split, dancers Melanie Lane and Lilian Steiner negotiate ever-diminishing dimensions of space and time. As our world contracts, the clock ticks faster, and bodies press closer.


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Vanishing Point by Shian Law

Tue 14 - Sat 18 March

“…the issue this time is to indicate the precise point in the present to which my historical construction will orient itself, as to its vanishing point.” — Walter Benjamin

Both hybrid performance project and two-year experiment, Vanishing Pointexplores the ambiguity of authorship and the possibility of preservation in performance art. Dancer Shian Law (Jo Lloyd, BalletLab, Lz Dunn, Lara Thoms) employs a range of (un)orthodox strategies including documentary, archiving, fabrication and outright theft, to pose the question: “Whose show is this?”

In the work, Law – a trans-media artist and compulsive experimentalist – takes a quasi-archivist approach, documenting and historicising his bodily encounter with three choreographic works by dance luminaries Phillip Adams, Deanne Butterworth and Jo Lloyd. A team comprising documentary makers and a portrait painter then record the elapsing time as Law locates, excavates and performs the dance works.

Vanishing Point playfully and stealthily maps the constellation of lineage, questions of authenticity, and the multiple folds that frame a portrait of a contemporary artist.

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