Mariaa Randall


Presented by Arts House

When you live away from home and reside in the city, on someone else’s land, does it change your relationship to country?

Bundjalung/Yaegl choreographer Mariaa Randall (Blood on the Dance Floor, HA LF) presents a playful and multilayered exploration of place, people, landscapes and language in Divercity.

Two female dancers, each living in separate Australian cities and belonging to two different Aboriginal countries, contemplate the complexities of a transplanted life. Illuminated by an evocative filmic backdrop by video artist Keith Deverell, the women draw on contemporary and traditional dance practices, storytelling and ritual to give shape and form to their connection to land and culture, and to share the layers of cultural diversity through dance.

Divercity celebrates belonging, shared meaning and cultural individuality.

Note: Divercity is structured around Aboriginal spiritual and traditional cultures of Women’s Business.

Everyone is welcome to attend Divercity. Individuals self-identifying as women are invited to enter the performance at the first entry time. Divercity asks for audiences who do not self-identify as women to enter at the second performance entry time.

Artistic Director: Mariaa Randall
Performer & Choreographer: Henrietta Baird
Performer & Choreographer: Waiata Telfer
Projection, Sound & Video Artist: Keith Deverell

Image: Keith Deverell