Deep Sea Dances

Rebecca Jensen

Deep Sea Dances

Presented by Arts House

Welcome to Deep Sea.

A whale falls to the darkest depths. Once animal, now host, its carcass slowly decays, providing sustenance to alien ecosystems. Its matter is distributed through multiple pathways, intercepting in a spontaneous unfolding of divergent, yet equal, parts.

Choreographer and dancer Rebecca Jensen (OverworldDeep Soulful Sweats), along with a large ensemble, create and reimagine systems. In a porous, fluid and volatile reality, a mass comes together to prioritise transition and transformation. Deep Sea Dances unfolds as structures weaken and a new ecology emerges.

In a world whose future remains uncertain, Deep Sea Dances draws us away from the mainland, past the beach and into the abyss.

Choreography: Rebecca Jensen & Ensemble

Natalie Abbott
Sarah Aiken
Annabelle Balharry
Amanda Betlehem
Deanne Butterworth
Ellen Davies
Arabella Frahn-Starkie
Hillary Goldsmith
Milo Hyde
Rebecca Jensen
Leah Landau
Claire Leske
Jo Lloyd
Cam McLachlan
Brooke Powers
Emily Ranford
Emily Robinson

Sound Design: Rebecca Jensen and Marco Cher-Gibard

Production Design: Matthew Adey

Image: Eliza Dyball