József Trefeli & Gábor Varga


Presented by Dancehouse with support from the City of Yarra and Pro Helvetia

Creature is a work about origins – biographical, ethnographic, socio-cultural or aesthetic. József Trefeli and Gábor Varga tackle ethnographic material to place his contemporary choreographic practice under the magnifying glass of its archaic heritage. A pursuit that gives birth to a new choreography, a “creature” abounding with codes, intentions, and keys to its interpretation.

Creature shows us the kinship between the language of contemporary dance and the exoticism of folk dances. The result is a surprising piece, crazy with energy, rich with self-deprecating humour and spiced by extravagant costumes.

Concept & Choreography: József Trefeli & Gábor Varga
Costumes: Kata Tóth
Masks: Christophe Kiss
Music: Frédérique Jarabo

Image: Gregory Batardon

Jinx 103 by József Trefeli Company

Sat 25 - Sun 26 March

In their latest work Jinx 103, dynamic duo József Trefeli and Gábor Varga take dance performance to a public space, exploring the rhythms and rituals of life in a captivating, high energy performance.

Connected by their common Hungarian heritage (with one born in Australia and the other in the former USSR), the two highly accomplished dancers go shoulder to shoulder as they delve into their shared cultural traditions.

Through their common vocabulary of body percussion – where even the most basic rhythms are extremely complex – Trefeli and Varga have created a breathtakingly energetic dance of high kicks, clapping, slapping and lightning-fast footwork. Jinx 103 fuses rhythms and rituals with contemporary dance and body percussion to create an inimitable combined musical dance.

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Body Percussion Workshop by József Trefeli & Gábor Varga

26 March

Based on the choreographic principles of JINX 103 and Creature, this workshop revolves around the themes of myth and ritual. You’ll learn about the shared positive and negative space between dancers and the movement environment they share; how to communicate through the body and musicality; and how to improvise without contact.

You’ll also learn the art of body percussion; producing sounds with clicks, stamps, slaps and claps.

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