Bodied Assemblies

Rhiannon Newton

Bodied Assemblies

Presented by Dancehouse with support from the City of Yarra and the NSW Government through Arts NSW

Bodied Assemblies makes a radical proposal for coming together to share in a process of transformation. What emerges from an intricately structured series of collectively authored actions is a distinct vision of the body’s remarkable capacity for difference and unity.

Vibrating with the risk, vulnerability and tenuousness of live action, three dancers travel through a succession of negotiations in order to come together. From the differences between their individual bodies, grows new and unexpected choreographies of solidarity. All the while, their temporary assembly rotates, like the hand of a clock, through a single revolution – ending only to begin again.

Using repetition to capture and solidify “live-ness” – be it a danced movement or a mundane action – Rhiannon Newton’s new work masterfully exposes the possibility our collective bodies hold.

Created by Rhiannon Newton in collaboration with performers: Bhenji Ra, Ivey Wawn & Julian Wong
Composition: Bree van Reyk
Percussion: Leah Scholes
Lighting Design: Bosco Shaw
Producer: Jenifer Leys
Technical Support: Benjamin Forster

Image: Cleo Mees