Chunky Move


Presented by Malthouse Theatre and Chunky Move in association with Asia TOPA: Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts

In ANTI—GRAVITY, Chunky Move Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk joins forces with internationally renowned multimedia artist Ho Tzu Nyen to explore the role of clouds as ethereal influences that disturb or heighten human existence.

Using Ho Tzu Nyen’s extensive research as a provocation for a dance work, ANTI—GRAVITY confronts gravity-bound bodies with the ephemeral, ever-changing cloud. Performers transform from celestial creatures to terrestrial warriors.

As the clouds swell and dissipate, bodies are caught between monolithic stillness and fleeting elevation, becoming the vessels of our own imagination.

Uniting the refined, highly physical choreography of Anouk van Dijk and the meticulous aesthetic of Ho Tzu Nyen, ANTI— GRAVITY is an immersive performance, an evocative world inhabited by six extraordinary dancers in various depths of control and abandon.

Concept, Choreography & Direction: Anouk van Dijk
Co-creator & Concept: Ho Tzu Nyen
Visual Design: Ho Tzu Nyen, Paul Jackson, Anouk van Dijk
Lighting Design: Paul Jackson
Composition & Sound Design: Jethro Woodward
Costume Design: Harriet Oxley
Performed by: James Batchelor, Marlo Benjamin, Sarah Ronnie Bruce, Tara Jade Samaya, Niharika Senapati, Luigi Vescio

Photo: Pippa Samaya / Image: M. Giesser

Deepspace by James Batchelor

Mon 20 March

Deepspace is an intimate performance combining dance, sound and installation. The work has grown out of a two-month residency aboard Australia’s state-of-the-art marine research vessel Investigator.

Award-winning choreographer and performer James Batchelor (Island, Metasystems) and visual artist Annalise Rees travelled to one of the most remote places on earth to study volcanic, sub-Antarctic islands, Heard and McDonald island.

From simple curiosity to detailed inquiry, this mesmerising work examines what drives us as humans to encounter the unknown. A vertical exploration, a shift in scale, we seek to determine the boundaries and properties of things.

Playing at the intersection of the arts and sciences, Deepspace maps the terrain between rational deduction and intuitive feeling.

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