Maki Miyakubo

Dance New Air, Chief Producer  Aoyama, Japan


Maki was a Producer for performing arts programs at Spiral in Tokyo, a multi-purpose cultural center from 1997-2015. She was involved not only in contemporary dance, but also in contemporary art and other events inside and outside Spiral. She has been Chairperson of Dance New Air (Dance Nippon Associates) since 2015.

Curatorial statement

I’m planning the programs for our dance festival Dance New Air with co-producers. Our festival started in 2002. We feature not only dance performances but also a variety of other dance-related programs, including art exhibitions, dance films, a book fair, outdoor performances and danceworkshops. We want to meet some pleasing artists and pieces for the next Dance New Air 2018 and for events in the future at Dance Massive 2017.

Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts