Lisa Gilardino

Santarcangelo festival, Co-curator


Lisa Gilardino is a live arts manager, producer and curator. After studying contemporary arts history in Italy and France, she has been responsible for the promotion and the international relations of Lenz Rifrazioni company and has worked as general manager and programmer at Natura Dei Teatri Arts Festival from 2001 to 2011 (Parma, IT).
In 2011 she has been selected as partecipant of the one year training workshop project Festival lab for festival producers and curators.In the frame of this project she has been invited to Festival Baltic Circle (Helsinki, FI) as a curator in residence to develop her project Dreamcatchers.

Since 2011 she works as a freelance manager with artists focusing on promotion, development and advice. She actually works with Motus and Alessandro Sciarroni .
Since 2013 she gives workshops in Italy and abroad to artists and managers on Strategies and practices to promote live arts projects.In September 2016 she is invited by the new artistic director Eva Neklyaeva to join the team of Santarcangelo festival as co-curator.

Curatorial Statement 

Santarcangelo Festival (7/16 July 2017) is a lively performance Festival, happening on the top of a hill in Northern Italy and involving in a 10- days event the citizenship and the whole urban territory. It presents international and Italian creations, drawing the audience attention toward social and global issues.
The festival extends our thinking around how performance, how liveness, might be worked by different artists, how it might be used beyond its more usual contexts. It charts new territory, it creates a new landscape, or perhaps more accurately, it rearranges the land before us.

The next edition brings together a group of artists, activists, thinkers and one merman to create a festival-long conversation. It’s a programme that aims to surprise, to offer alternatives, to pose questions.But in the same time as being artistically radical, the festival is also warm and joyful. One of the central issues this year are intimacy, community and empathy. The festival offers a lot of space for reflection, but also can be simply enjoyed with abandon. Music, parties, dinners at centro festival, new market create a special relaxed and celebratory atmosphere that is well known both in Italy and abroad. The diversity of programme offers different levels of experience for many kinds of audiences.

The program focuses on the works that are open-ended, imagined or adapted specifically for Santarcangelo, often in collaboration with local participants. . With artistic director Eva Neklyaeva we are looking for artists and projects, who are working for change. This change can be widening a definition of what is possible, looking for methods of creating affect or changing perception, reclaiming identities, creating relationships, facilitating conversations, developing new ways of producing and communicating art.