György Szabó

Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts, Managing Director Budapest, Hungary


György Szabó was founder director of Trafó. He sought out the building himself and converted it from an electricity house to a wonderful cultural centre of Budapest. He is a respected developer of contemporary dance and theatre society in Hungary. He is an internationally recognized expert of collaboration in arts having almost three decades experience.  He is skilled in strategic planning, producing and managing among permanently changing conditions. His network and international contacts are updated by his travels.

Curatorial statement

In our season, dance programming mostly focuses on the body, expressing choreography with movement. We definitely do not look for conceptual works. Apart from this artistic definition we sometimes present conceptual works if they deploy the real/mature result of a research process that is able to communicate with our public. Recently we presented Antony Hamilton and a long time ago Chunky Move. In our next season we expect to put on stage Nick Power.

Dates attending Dance Massive: 18 – 24 March