Elisa Sutanudjaja

Rujak Center for Urban Studies, Executive Director


Elisa is educated as an architect. With a masters degree and a specialization in Sustainable & Urban Development she has been teaching in various universities since 2006, while working as an architect for several firms.

In 2009, together with fellow friends, Elisa founded an NGO focused on urban and knowledge issues: Rujak Center for Urban Studies. She was responsible for developing and managing programs funded by Ford Foundation, Hivos, Tifa Foundation, Revenue Watch Institute, Japan Foundation, Goethe Institute and Open Society Institute.

Elisa was awarded the Education in Sustainable Development JENESYS fellowship from the Government of Japan in 2010, and the Eisenhower Fellowship in 2013 which allowed her to travel and met various people and organizations in 18 US cities for 3 months. The purpose of her fellowship is to explore technologies and creativity that foster public participation and examine current US open data application and development initiatives and their role in urban planning decision-making.

Elisa is now Executive Director of Rujak Center of Urban Studies, and also responsible for Bumi Pemuda Rahayu, Center for Sustainability and Residency located at Greater Jakarta. Current Rujak’s activities include Citizen Urbanism in 8 Indonesian cities, Subversive Collaborative Art and BhinnekaKota as co-production of knowledge platform.

Elisa’s current activities include preparing an open-data and conservation management plan for the revitalization of Kotatua Urban Heritage District at Jakarta, writing a book about her experience in the US, and starting an open GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archive and Museum) initiative among her architect and art networks