Paul King

White Bird, Co-Founder Portland, OR, USA


Paul King, Co-Founder of White Bird, serves as President of the White Bird Board.  White Bird, founded in 1997 by Walter Jaffe and Paul King in Portland, Oregon, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2017-18 and is the sole dance-only presenting organization west of the Rocky Mountains. White Bird’s mission is to bring excellence in contemporary dance to Portland. For two years Paul was Chair of the Board of Dance/USA, the national service organization for the professional dance field, and served a total of nine years on their board. He previously served on the boards of California Presenters, Business for Culture and the Arts, Travel Portland, and the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA), where he, with White Bird Co-Founder Walter Jaffe, acted as Co-Curator of the semi-annual Pitch Session. Paul King and Walter Jaffe, White Bird Co-Founders, were honored to receive the 2012 William Dawson Award for Programmatic Excellence and Sustained Achievement in Programming at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Conference in New York in January 2012 as well as the Jerry Willis Achievement Award for Artistic Excellence at the Western Arts Alliance Conference in Seattle in August 2011.

Curatorial statement

White Bird is the sole dance-only presenter west of the Rocky Mountains. Its mission is to bring the best contemporary dance companies to Portland, and to make dance exciting, educational and accessible to everyone, regardless of background. White Bird’s major programming goals are to 1) bring dance artists from around the world 2) represent diverse international cultures 3) present respected established choreographers alongside emerging artists with adventurous new voices 4) incite our audiences to ask questions and arrive at new insights and 5) engage community members through student and adult workshops, interactive forums, and presentations by our dance companies in schools and community facilities. Over White Bird’s 19 history the Co-Founders have programmed numerous Australian companies, including Sydney Dance Company (3 times), Chunky Move (3 times), Phillip Adams/BalletLab (twice), Lucy Guerin, Australian Dance Theatre and Leigh Warren. They are excited to attend Dance Massive especially to become acquainted with new dance artists. They are eager to build relationships with artists and programmers new to them as well as continue their strong relationships with those they have known for many years.

Dates attending Dance Massive: 14 – 27 March


Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts