North Melbourne Town Hall 
Tram 57, Stop 12 corner Queensberry and Errol Streets, North Melbourne.
Bike racks available outside the venue.

Meat Market
Tram 55 or 59, Stop 14 corner Flemington Road and Wreckyn Street, North Melbourne.
Bike racks available outside the venue.


Tram 96, Stop 17 corner Alexandra Parade and Nicholson Street, Carlton or Tram 1 or 8, Stop 114 corner Princes Street and Lygon Street, Carlton North

Dancehouse at Carlton Baths
Tram 1, Stop 114- corner Princes and Lygon St, Carlton North.


Tram 1, Stop 18 corner Sturt and Grant Street, Southbank, or any other tram down St Kilda Road, Stop 17 corner Sturt Street and take a 3 minute walk. Catch any train to Flinders Street and walk 12 minutes to the venue.

There is a Melbourne Bike Share Station on Sturt Street (purchase a helmet from the IGA, just a little further along Sturt Street). Bike racks available outside the foyer.

More public transport information is available at Public Transport Victoria.

Getting Around

A quick guide on how to get from one venue to the next;

Approximately 14min from Dancehouse to Malthouse Theatre in light traffic by car/taxi. [See above google map]

  • Getting From Dancehouse to Malthouse – approx. 33 minutes on Tram 1 or 8.
    Approx. 16 minutes by Taxi [$12-$15]
  • Getting from Dancehouse to Arts House – approx. 40 minutes via buses 402/546 or Trams 57/96
    Approx. 9 minutes by Taxi [$9-$13]
  • Getting from Malthouse to Arts House – approx. 35 minutes via Tram 55  [10min walk at each end] or Bus 219 [10min walk at each end]
    Approx. 12 minutes by Taxi [$10-$15]